Tuesday, 19 March 2013


So as you know i'm a big fan of House Of Holland and they've just released a new sunglasses range, so I feel obliged to write about them as there just fabulous. The sunny's are supported by Henry's collection Buzz Kill which i'm also a huge fan of so enjoy!
 These are HOH Bag
Price: £120.00 
These are Annice and they come in turqious or solid bone. 
price: £180.00 
These are Glassy they come in blue and gold or tortoise and gold. 
price: £180.00
These are square peg round hole these come in tortoise or metallic grape. 
Price: £120.00 
Finally these are called Flip Fuck. 
Price: £180.00 
These are a few of the collection there are a lot more so check them out on http://www.houseofholland.co.uk/ 

(Image source: http://www.houseofholland.co.uk/) 


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