Monday, 15 April 2013


So summer is fast approaching, we're all starting to think about our summer wardrobes and what we're going to be wearing by the pool this summer. If you haven't seen House of Hackneys new spring summer collection 2013. I suggest you scroll down and take a peek.The collection features three of their newest prints Palmeral, inferno and Dalston Candy as well as their renowned Hackney Empire and Dalston Rose. Here are my summer picks from the collection!


Palmeral Bikini £162 

Dalston Candy Bikini £162 

Bikini's are an essential for summer and House Of Hackney have created these beauties in the Palmeral and Dalston Candy print.gorgeee!

Dalston Candy Exposed shoulder smock- £245

Dalston candy cream to pink- £255 
Dalston Candy Shift dress- £245

Inferno Day dress- £255 

Perfect dresses for spring and summer! I love how versatile the dresses are you can play them casual during the day and jazz them up in the evening with some heels or chunky biker boots. 


Dalston candy Tee- £75 

Palmeral tee - £75
These are the Perfect Tee's for summer these two in particular are my favourite check out there other tee's on their webpage.

  Cami sets-
Palmeral cami set- £275 

Inferno cami set rust- £275 
To see and buy there new range click here

There you have it my House Of Hackney picks! If you love there prints make sure you check out their interiors range by visiting there website and rumour has it they have a lil sale on their fabric and wallpaper range till Thursday so enter the code: HOH25211421 at checkout and get 25% off. An extra bonus is House Of Hackney's products are all made here in England wooo!
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or visit there homepage:

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Thursday, 11 April 2013


Helloo Helloo, as you may have gathered I love 90's styled clothing, so when I saw these new arrivals for Urbans renewal collection I had to blog about it and I feel it's really relevant as Coachella is coming soon so if your stuck for outfit choices I suggest you take a look at these beauties. 
Re made tie dye dress- £42 
With this dress you could style it up really elegant with a floral headband and  delicate silver jewellery or grunge it up with a leather jacket, socks and dm's. 

Customised cosmic tee - £35 
This tee I really liked as you could do so many different styles with it and wear it in so many different ways.
Re-made tie dye dress- £42 

Black raw cut shorts- £32

80's heavy chain- £18 
Leather scrunchie- £6 
Scrunchies look brilliant if your trying to pull off the rock/grunge look. A scruffy ponytail, leather scrunchie= perfect!
Hope you like the few I've picked(all images are courtesy of


Monday, 8 April 2013

Motel Rocks Dusk Till Dawn- Evening look

Hey Guys, 
So last time I blogged a spring look for motel Rocks this is my evening look featuring motel products and some extra additions. Remember you can use my discount code and get 20% off your order. 
This look I would wear out to a gig or going out with the girls for a meal, hope you like m lovely's. 
lots of love 


Hey Guy's and gals, so spring is here and summer is fast approaching,I've put together a collage of Motel products for a gothic inspired spring look. I'm also part of the Motel Rocks street team so if you enter my code displayed below you get a wacking 20% off! How good is that! 

Bracelet: £24 
Dress: £35 
Leather Jacket: £65 
Satchel: £99 
Dr Martens: £100 
Nail Varnish: £5 
All from 

Hope you like my look. 
Lots of Love 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

9 0 ' S G R U N G E

Sorry I haven't posted recently been super busy! However todays post is all about 90's, which I'm sure is a nostalgic period for most of us.  So this week I styled my beautiful friend Hannah in a grungey ninety's inspired outfit (all items really cheap) and took some snaps. Here's my 90's inspired look. 


Sunglasses - H&M £4.99 
Necklaces 3 pack- H&M £9.99 
Dungarees- Ebay £20.00 
Crop Top- Topshop £10 
Earrings- Pimark £1.00 

More styling looks coming soon 



Thursday, 28 March 2013


Kerr Mcilwraith the genius behind Pen Etc. whose previously exhibited his lovely illustrations in Essex is going to be exhibiting at The Royal Museum of Kingston upon thames soon. So Recently caught up with me for a quick chat before he jetted off to Berlin.
Fox By Pen Etc. 

V.A.S: Heyy Kerr, Lets start from the beginning, When did you start illustrating?

Pen Etc: I guess I started drawing seriously after Sixth Form, it was nice not having structured criteria to follow; I liked being able to draw what I wanted for no reason, and I was extremely lucky that people liked it too!

V.A.S: So you've been working on some new illustrations, which I love! What was the inspiration behind your latest collection of illustrations?

Pen Etc: Well I’m in the process of completing two sets, one of which is Landscapes and the other one, (currently untitled), is of really ugly people and ugly animals. The landscape series was influenced by my History of Art lectures at university, my eyes have seen sooo many landscapes, just wanted to have my own go at it. In the patterned river piece I wanted to use the traditional composition seen in Turner and Gainsborough works, but then give it a modernised twist so it appealed to the younger audiences. The ugly series doesn’t really have much inspiration; I have a friend called Dan who writes the most horrendously unique poems, we are going to be making a book of the illustrations and poems over the next few weeks.

V.A.S: What’s the Creative Process behind your work?

Pen Etc:The majority of the time I just draw as soon as I have an idea for something, sometimes it works, and other times a piece comes out completely different to what I intended it to be. I much prefer not doing drafts for pieces though, it’s a bit cheaper and uses fewer trees.

V.A.S: What are your favourite medium's to use when illustrating?

Pen Etc:Pen and Ink! That’s almost all I use, that and watercolours. I wish I could use more expensive mediums: gold leaf, oil bars etc. I try to make do with what I have though!

V.A.S: You've recently been selling T shirts through ASOS how did that come about? 

Pen Etc: It was literally just by people nagging me for t-shirts with prints on, I thought it would just be easier putting them online instead of dealing with cash in hand and distributing them by hand. I don’t really want to be known for the t-shirts, more the prints that are on the t-shirts, that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the sales!

V.A.S: If you could describe your work using three words what would they be? 

Pen Etc: Simple. Ghastly. Endearing.

V.A.S: Lastly, What are your plans for the next year?

Pen etc: From the 11th April I am exhibiting at the Royal Museum of Kingston, I’m collaborating with 2 other artists on a landscape of Kingston Upon Thames, as well as also exhibiting all of the pieces from the landscape series so far. I’ve also got plans for a few one night exhibitions in Long Melford, Brick Lane (London) and Kingston upon Thames. And of course the Ugly book I mentioned earlier. It should be a good year!  

Connect with Pen Etc: 
Facebook here 
Tumblr here 
Like his T shirts check him out on ASOS here 

 Thanks for reading guys hope you liked! 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Shoes Shoes Shoes

You may not know this but I'm a huge lover for shoes.I have loads. from pumps to platforms. So when I saw Urban Outfitters new shoe arrivals. 
I just had to blog about it and show you my favourites from the collection. 
How gorgeous are theseeee! They're by miista a brand for Urban

Buy here

These are also by Miista and are called the zoe hologram oxford 
Buy here 
These are the ursula lace up platforms.. super funky and love the ombre on the platform.
Buy here

These are just a few of my fav's because my list could go on and on. So have a good browse girls, theres definitely some gooduns.