Thursday, 11 April 2013


Helloo Helloo, as you may have gathered I love 90's styled clothing, so when I saw these new arrivals for Urbans renewal collection I had to blog about it and I feel it's really relevant as Coachella is coming soon so if your stuck for outfit choices I suggest you take a look at these beauties. 
Re made tie dye dress- £42 
With this dress you could style it up really elegant with a floral headband and  delicate silver jewellery or grunge it up with a leather jacket, socks and dm's. 

Customised cosmic tee - £35 
This tee I really liked as you could do so many different styles with it and wear it in so many different ways.
Re-made tie dye dress- £42 

Black raw cut shorts- £32

80's heavy chain- £18 
Leather scrunchie- £6 
Scrunchies look brilliant if your trying to pull off the rock/grunge look. A scruffy ponytail, leather scrunchie= perfect!
Hope you like the few I've picked(all images are courtesy of



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    1. Thanks for the comment babee! xox

  2. I love urban outfitters 'urban renewal'! They have awesome stuff

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